A word from Larry

It has been said that every photograph a photographer takes is on some level a self-portrait. Every image is essentially the photographer trying to express some part of himself. This is something I was thinking about when Isabel and I were traveling through Pozos, a weird little ghost town in central Mexico where there are lots of dilapidated structures and hungry dogs roaming the streets. We actually stopped at a local butcher, and for a couple of dollars bought one of the most desperate looking dogs the equivalent of a five star meal. At one point the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and and I saw these impressionistic shadows on a wall, as I moved into position there, I became a little part of the scene.

This is a platinum/palladium print. It’s made by brushing liquid emulsion onto a piece of paper and contact printing the negative. The paper and negative are sandwiched between two pieces of glass and exposed in the sunlight. Not only is this one of the earliest printing processes and most archival but it’s also, in my opinion one of the most beautiful.

Kathy said…

I was unsure what I was seeing. Thanks for describing the scene and how you made the print. It’s a gorgeous piece

November 1, 2010

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