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Spring Wedding Inspiration

Since this is such a lovely spring day, I thought you might like to see a home wedding that epitomizes the beauty of the season.

This intimate affair was the picture of simple elegance. The flowers appeared to have been plucked from the garden minutes before the guests arrived. Vows were exchanged under the backyard oak tree and lunch was served family style with platter after platter emerging from the kitchen.

A glorious spring day unfolded with laughter and the tinkling of champagne glasses gently ringing in the Ojai canyon.

A hand to reach for…

Reach for my hand and hold it close to your heart.

Four Lighthouses

These photographs were made on Anacapa Island with a pinhole camera and Polaroid type 55 film. What made this particular brand of Polaroid so special, is that in addition to a positive image, it also yielded a negative.

The four images in this collage show the effects of when I would deliberately expose the negatives to heat or pressure before peeling them away from the Polaroid casing.

Find the beautiful…

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doing amazing work in Japan

My peers in the wedding industry have designated this be a bloggers day of silence to show our support for the tragedy unfolding in Japan. I thought it might be appropriate however, to mention the Search Dog Foundation and the incredible work they are doing in Japan at this very moment.

The Search Dog Foundation sends specially trained dogs and their handlers into the bleakest of situations. They were on hand in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Haiti and of course Japan. They search through rubble and save lives.

Larry and I have three favorite charities that we contribute a portion of our profits to and The Search Dog Foundation is one of them. Please take a moment to look at their website and find out how you too can donate to this very worthy organization.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Wishing you the happiest and luckiest of days!

Spring comes early

My days in Sherman Oaks are usually spent behind my desk. The view out of my window is of a large wall of beige concrete punctuated by the neighbor’s window across the alley. Since his days are spent in a similar fashion to mine, there isn’t much to see there. But occasionally I’ll look out that window and see our building wrapped in the most glorious light. At times such as these, I will jump in the car and drive to a nearby park to soak in what natural beauty there may be. A few days ago, I was rewarded with this scene. Flowering trees seemed to have miraculously sprouted over night and pink blossoms blew in the air like confetti. It was a wonderful reminder that nature does not hold back her gifts, even in the San Fernando Valley. I just have to remember to keep my eyes open in order to see it.

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