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Miles is 1!

We were so thrilled to be asked to photograph Miles’ first birthday! It was a multigenerational affair with lots of young cousins and a great grandmother present to wish the birthday boy well. After some romping on the front lawn with Mom and Dad, Miles worked up an appetite for his adorable Elmo cake. We wish you all the best Miles and we’re looking forward to lots more photo shoots in the year to come!

Take a walk…

I was perusing this month’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine while having breakfast this morning and an article on walking inspired today’s post. Did you know that the average American woman walks more than 50,000 miles in adulthood? That is enough to circle the Earth twice!! Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise. Even though I have ready access to a pool and have started a somewhat feeble attempt at running on a regular basis; walking is the activity I enjoy most and am least likely to not talk myself out of doing. I love nothing more than striding along, taking note of the changes in my neighborhood, smelling banks of blooming roses and admiring cute dogs being taken on their walks. Somehow all of my senses are much more engaged while walking than when running. It’s the perfect melding of physical exertion and therapy. I’m tying up the laces on my favorite walking shoes and hitting the pavement as soon as I post this. If you happen to be doing the same, and pass me on the street, be sure to say “hi”!

Pink & Pretty…

Don’t forget to wear something pretty under your wedding dress. Great for us photographers – really great for your groom!

It’s Earth Day!

This planet gives so much to us, but what do we give back?

The Nature Conservancy
helps answer that question with these simple tips we can employ in our everyday lives.

For instance, did you know only 1% of Earth’s water is drinkable?! One of their tips is called Short Shower Saturday and it’s super easy to do; simply keep one shower a week down to 5 minutes or less.

Please check out these tips and pass them along. The Earth will thank you!

Bar&Bat Mitzvah Album Giveaway!

We are so pleased to announce that we’ve added a Bar & Bat Mitzvah gallery to our website!

To commemorate our entree into the wonderful world of Mitzvahs, we are giving away a full leather, 7×7″ coffee table style album. This little beauty retails for $650 and get this, we are giving away not one but two of them!!

Winning one could not be simpler, all you have to do is be one of the next two clients to book our services for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Not only will we include the album but we’ll help you design the perfect story to be displayed within it.

Please contact the studio to check availability and for rates.

Hurray! We have a new look!

We are so excited to let you know that our website got a mini make-over!

We are showcasing lots of new photographs in our Wedding, Details & Engagement galleries. In addition to lots of fresh images, the photos have been enlarged; making for a more delicious viewing experience.

Enjoy perusing!

Let there be more joy…

“Let there be more joy and laughter in your living.”
~Eileen Caddy

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