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Ten Year Anniversary Session




Mother Daughter Session, Solstice Canyon Malibu

Eleventh Anniversary in Yosemite










We have had the pleasure of not only documenting Daisy and Matt’s wedding eleven years ago, but of also, photographing each of their anniversaries. To say that Larry and I look forward to this event is a major understatement. Each year, Daisy and Matt plan a wonderfully fun and photogenic experience for us to shoot. Past high-lights have included horse back riding on a Santa Barbara beach at sunset and a fabulous trip to Hawaii!

This year was particularly fun because we got to spend the entire weekend with this adorable couple and their beautiful son Jazz, in one of our all time favorite places, Yosemite National Park.

As you can see from these photos, there were lots of sweet, romantic moments punctuated by Jazz’s playful antics.

Daisy and Matt are so much fun to photograph because they are literally up for anything. Climb up on a giant fallen tree? Can do! Get over your fear of snakes and spiders and sit in this tall grass? You got it! They did this and more while looking fabulous and keeping a close eye on a very active toddler.

Daisy and Matt, I asked you two what your secret is for a successful happy marriage and in typical fashion your answers were totally in synch. I wish I could remember your exact, eloquent words but the gist was that; when you disagree on something, do so with the intent of finding a common solution. If you fight to win, you might as well be alone.

We love you and cherish your friendship and wisdom so much! Happy anniversary.

Three generations, Disney Concert Hall


Larry and I recently photographed a really special family session. It was special because not only were 3 generations present, but also because a few years ago, we photographed YaPing and Simon’s pre-wedding photos at this location. Since that day, there have been many wonderful changes in their lives; namely the birth of their two children, Miles and Riley.



Miles is such a charming little boy. The last time we saw him, was at his first birthday celebration. Even then, he was the life of the party!


Riley is so adorable! She is the sweetest baby.


The whole clan was looking picture perfect.


Riley clearly adores her daddy. She looks just like him too!


I just had to take a few moments to photograph YaPing and her beautiful mother together. I love this photo.


Something tells me, these two get into all kinds of mischief together.


It was Miles’ idea to throw his hat for this photo. It’s my favorite image of the day. Good job Miles!


It’s good to have a fun uncle around. A little horseplay helps keep things loose.


I hope when Riley grows up, she will cherish this photograph.


There was no shortage of laughs and cuddles on this day.


Every photo session should have bubbles…


Especially when they illicit expressions like this!


Is this not the cutest grin ever?


Miles knew all the tricks to get his baby sister to smile. We look forward to many more family sessions and watching them grow.

If you’d like to see photos of Miles’ first birthday party, click here.

A fairy tale wedding at Wayfarers Chapel

Larry and I photographed the sweetest wedding recently. It took place at the gorgeous Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Rebecca, our bride arrived looking so dewy and fresh.

Seongji does one last check in the mirror…

Rain from the night before created puddles on the property. I couldn’t resist using them in some of my photographs.

Rebecca is so lovely and graceful.

Seongji looked so handsome in his tux.

Wayfarers is sooo gorgeous. One of my favorites things to do, is to position my brides so the beautiful trees in front of the chapel create a magical backdrop.

I love this portrait of them. They are so cute and sweet together.

Rebecca was stunning from every angle!

Rebecca and Seongji, Larry and I wish you lots of love and happiness in your lives together!

Happy Mother’s Day




“Family is the most important thing in the world.” ~ Princess Diana

Family fun at the L.A. Arboretum

It’s always so much fun catching up with our clients, especially when there are adorable additions to the family. We photographed Lisa and Michael along with their children, Jack and Lucy at the L.A. Arboretum this past weekend.

Lucy and Jack, are such fun, smart kids. We thoroughly enjoyed hanging with them.

Jack looks just like his dad and they are both so quick to laugh!

I can tell you, it was a pleasure photographing these two beautiful girls.

Michael told us the cutest story…whenever he asks Lucy for a kiss, she will look right at him, consider his request very carefully and then say, “uh, no.” Luckily today, she was in a generous mood.

I don’t know how these two have managed to not age even one minute since their wedding day.

Our brave little wood nymph was so excited to explore the arboretum. She was especially delighted by the peacocks which she adorably referred to as pea cups.

I love photos like this. The ease and love between these two, is so evident.

Lucy is clearly daddy’s little girl!

Jack shows us his guns!

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Lucy rocks a cute cap too.

New friends were made…

And a great time was had by all!

If you’d like to see a short video of Lisa and Michael’s family reunion session in San Diego, click this link.

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