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Malibu Creek

Amy and Sam and have been in love for over 10 years – pretty unusual by today’s standards but what is more extraordinary is that they still positively glow when together. To see them cuddle and kiss (and believe me they do a lot of that!) you would think they are in the beginning stages of their courtship. Amy’s already radiant smile becomes even more so when Sam comes into view and when Sam puts his arms around her, a proud, protective look comes to his face. They are such an accomplished, talented couple and have such a charming playful side too. Larry and I had so much fun traipsing through the woods with them.

Sam is the creator of the smart, fabulous new hit show, “Lie to Me”. Be sure to check it out when it returns to Fox in the fall.

A Man’s Kiss is His Signature ~ Mae West

We met Ronit and Ari at the gorgeous Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for drinks before we began our engagement photo session. While there, we couldn’t resist taking a few snaps on the grounds.

Ronit had her heart set on having a vintage car for the shoot and after a fair amount of pleading and bribing, we were able to come through for her. Our friend Kurt agreed to let us borrow his “baby”, a mint 1967 Renault Caravelle.

We turned quite a few heads as we drove it through the back roads of Ojai. Once we reached our primo shooting spot, Ronit and Ari quickly got into character. Ronit and I had discussed the mood we wanted to convey prior to the shoot- sort of a young, hip “European” couple out for a drive through the countryside – with a slight vintage twist of course!

We love going the extra mile for our clients. It’s always so much fun when we get to collaborate on ideas and create something really special and meaningful.

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