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“French Cows”, March’s Print of the Month

Larry and I have taken some pretty wonderful voyages together over the years, but this particular trip to the French countryside was especially memorable. While I spent my mornings taking a painting class with an incredible group of women, Larry traveled the back roads creating charming images like this one.

This is our featured print for this month. We are offering it in an addition of 30 for the price of $50. This museum quality 8×10″ photograph is printed from a negative under an enlarger by master printer, Robert Cavalli. Yes folks, luckily there are still one or two people out there who know how to make a print the old fashioned way and believe me, the quality is oh so lovely.

If you would like to add this to your collection, please contact us at the studio.

It’s leap day!

It’s not often we are given the gift of an extra day. I hope yours is lots of fun!

When words become superfluous…

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
~Ingrid Bergman

The things I have to put up with…

Larry brought home these lovely carnations the other day and I thought I would do a quick little still life of them on our patio but as is usually the case, things are about to take a turn…

Even though Tupelo was napping inside the house, the sound of my activities have roused him into action.

After a quick little shoo-ing, I’m back in business.

“Let me get this straight – you move furniture around, lay down this blanket, won’t pay attention to me and expect me to not crash this party? Really??”

Not to be deterred, I change my point of focus and zoom in for a close-up. Pay no attention to that orangey shaped blob in the lower left corner!

Yes, he is capable of dozing off while sitting – just like my Dad.

This is typically when the shoot gets completely derailed and I start focusing on his cute body parts. I’ve got a lot of these in the archives.

All right, enough of this nonsense, let’s try another set-up.

Darn it! Foiled again.

Best friends…

Best friends come in all sizes.

The greatest distance can be bridged…

“In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”
– Hans Nouwens

A place to retreat to…

Do you have a place you retreat to? A place where those unanswered emails don’t exist? Where stillness is mandatory and nature takes center stage? I’m so lucky to have a home close to the beach. Within minutes, I can feel sea mist on my skin and sand between my toes. Maybe it’s because I was born on an island, but the ocean has always drawn me in. On my last beach walk, I found this pile of artfully arranged stones – it reminded me of an altar, which I suppose is fitting since I find this environment quite divine.

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