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Giving thanks…


With this being a day to ponder all that we are thankful for, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all of you who support and encourage us in our business and personal endeavors.

Larry and I have been so blessed to have met such interesting and lovely people over the years. You have made our job so much more than a means to pay our bills. You have enriched our lives in ways I can’t begin to describe.

So, with that being said, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving, from our table to yours.

Anita & Mark at Adamson House, Malibu

I’m so excited to share Anita and Mark’s special day planned by Julie Pryor of Pryor Events! This was so much more than a wedding, it was a whole family affair including Mark’s three children.

The day started at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel where Anita spent a quiet, calm morning getting ready.

Anita wanted her hair to have a slightly undone, casual vibe for her beach wedding.


Such prettiness… I am seriously considering adding these Jimmy Choo sequined wedges to my own shoe collection. The gorgeous gown is by Claire Pettibone.

Mark’s daughters and maids of honor wore these colorful Lela Rose dresses.

As we were leaving the hotel, I couldn’t help but keep asking Anita to stop for pictures. She not only graciously complied, she turned up the glam factor!

The Hidden Garden always creates such stunning bouquets and arrangements. I love that they deliver their flowers in these wicker baskets.

Lauren and Maddie strike a pose. These girls are just as charming, bright and talented as they are gorgeous.

Our handsome groom, Mark takes a turn in front of the camera.

We were going for an architectural, symmetrical look with this photo.

The girls share a hug before the ceremony. It’s being privy to touching moments like these that make being a wedding photographer so rewarding.

I couldn’t get enough of those Jimmy Choos!

Anita and Mark had arranged for their guests to take tours of the interior of Adamson House. This afforded us the rare opportunity to photograph on the roof.

Isn’t this the cutest family portrait ever? We can’t take credit for it. They came up with this pose all on their own! Can’t promise I won’t be appropriating it in the future though.

Mark’s three children are so adorable together. They make their own fun wherever they go.

The ceremony took place under a massive tree. Julie Pryor of Pryor Events came up with the unique concept of hanging Hawaiian leis from its branches.

Each family member took a turn pouring colored sand into this vessel.

There was lots of laugher and a few tears shed during the ceremony.

All the kids got into our impromptu photo session at the pool house.

I just adored these purple tumblers.

At twilight, this was the beautiful view Anita and Mark’s guests had. You can’t have a Malibu wedding without surfers, right?

A special thanks to the wedding specialists who contributed to the success of this day:
Adamson House
Pryor Events
The Hidden Garden
Dave Rubell Catering
DJ Richard Blade
Blue Cat International Video
The Butter End Cakery

If you’d like to see more of Anita and Mark, click here.

A walk through the woods…

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003_Isabel Lawrence_231

004_Isabel Lawrence_433

005_Isabel Lawrence_622

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006_Isabel Lawrence_741

007_Isabel Lawrence_355

008_Isabel Lawrence_126

A walk through the woods proved to be the perfect setting for this mother and son photo session featuring Sunni and Tristan.

We have had the pleasure of working with Sunni at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for quite some time. She is always the picture of grace, and composure while on the job so it was nice to see her let her hair down figuratively (and in this case, literally) on our photo session.

Tristan, who is as funny and charming as he is handsome, took to this woodsy scene like a fish to water. He was the perfect photo subject – climbing on trees, balancing on logs, even demonstrating a karate chop or two. But in the midst of all this, he was always willing to stop to cuddle with Sunni or give her a kiss. It truly was very heart-warming and sweet.

Sunni, I hope you like this sneak peek, there is lots more to come and Tristan, I’ve been brushing up on some knock knock jokes. Next time, I’ll be cracking you up!

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