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We stumbled upon this incredible grove of agave while driving through back roads in Mexico. What struck me as being so beautiful about this plant, was that even though it is covered with spikes and thorns, it throws its “arms” up to the sky like the most delicate ballerina.

Vase of Herbs

It’s so lovely to go out to the garden in the morning with shears in hand and collect sprigs of fragrant herbs to bring inside. By placing them in a vase with water on my kitchen counter, they are not only readily available to toss into the dinner pot but also perfume the room with a delicate spicy scent.

Saturdays are great day to…

experience something new!

The Closet Project, figure 8

The art closet houses many journals. These pages were created while I was on vacation with my niece and nephew. What I love so much about keeping journals is that just by opening one up, I am immediately transported back to a wonderfully lazy summer’s day.

Ring Pillow

Weddings are filled with so many traditions, but do you ever wonder where they come from? The custom of bearing the wedding bands on a pillow originated in ancient Egypt. Back then, wedding jewels were displayed on rare ornamental pillows. The practice remained alive throughout Medieval Europe and lives on to this day.

The whisper of white…

Winds of Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is situated 26 ½ miles off the coast of Santa Barbara. At 84 square miles in size, it’s the second largest of the 8 Channel Islands.

The wind blows here with such frequency and voracity, that it has driven past inhabitants insane.

I found this island to be incredibly beautiful and austere. Yes, the wind was constant. At times it would gently blow and cause the tall grass to tickle my arms as I walked along and just as quickly it would gust up sending my pinhole camera and tripod crashing down in the middle of an exposure.

But I found that the wind only adds to the mysterious aura of this desolate place. There are so few places on earth where it is so quiet, the many voices of the wind can still be heard.

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