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Emily & Nate at the Malibu Jewish Center, Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Emily and Nate’s beautiful wedding at the Malibu Jewish Center.

I’m not sure which is stealing the show here, The Vintage Vase’s gorgeous bouquet, or these killer purple shoes worn by Emily’s brothers.

The thing I love so much about photography is how it perfectly captures the love between people.

Speaking of love, it was so nice to see how close Nate is with his brother and sisters.

Nate and his siblings all share a love of music. They have been playing in bands since they were children. Along the way, they have made many friends who are also talented musicians. The wonderful thing about having friends in the music biz, besides awesome jam sessions, is that they are sometimes willing to play at your wedding.


The band suits up for one of the best processionals ever!

I’m a sucker for succulents. I especially love them when they are used in unusual ways like they are here, spilling out of a vintage cabinet’s drawer that served as the bar.

Nate’s brother Sammy leads the merry band of musicians into the ceremony site. They played one of the most charming renditions of “You are My Sunshine.”

IsabelLawrence-590 copy
I love this photo of Emily. She looks so joyful as she goes off to meet her groom!

The Malibu Jewish Center is such a wonderful place to be married. The architecture is simply stunning.

Emily and Nate’s ceremony was so warm. Besides wonderful music, there were lots of laughs.

After the ceremony, guests chatted and mingled.

They also dipped into scrumptious food stations created by Tarte Catering.

This was one of my favorite elements. The generous couple donated lots of good food to a local food bank.

I went bonkers for these amazing centerpieces!

Michael Habicht of iii designs has such incredible taste. He transformed the ceremony site into a luxe lounge with French accents. He also surprised the bride and groom with these really cool centerpieces featuring photos we took of them at their engagement session.

The first dance…

followed by a rocking’ set played by the groom and his siblings.

As you can see, they were a huge hit!

As guests left, they were invited to take these sweet favors.

Emily and Nate, Larry and I wish you all the best in your new life together!

Emily & Nate at the Malibu Jewish Center, Part 1



















I’m going to let you in on a little secret…the key to successful wedding photography is great chemistry between the bride and groom. If that is present, everything else is just icing on the cake. As you can see from these photos, Emily and Nate’s chemistry is not in short supply! Their lovely wedding took place at the Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue. Michael Habicht of iii designs brought his usual style and panache to the event. I was so impressed by his transformation of this space. You must check back in tomorrow to see more of his fabulous decor and The Vintage Vase’s gorgeous florals. Equally gorgeous, was Emily’s makeup, applied by Rachel Pagan of The Heart of Makeup.

Emily and Nate also had one of the most charming ceremonies we’ve ever witnessed. I don’t want to give too much away, but it involved a merry band of friends and lots of musical instruments.

If you’d like to see more of this radiant couple, here is a link to their engagement session we photographed in the Venice Canals.

One of my favorites from Emily & Nate’s wedding

If any of you reading this are photographers, you might be familiar with that special feeling that occurs in your gut when you know you’ve just made a lovely image. For me that feeling is usually accompanied by an involuntary little operatic ditty. Well, Emily and Nate’s beautiful wedding had me singing non-stop! Please check back tomorrow for part 1 of these very pretty nuptials.

New for 2014 – customized photo apps!

IsabelLawrence-32 copy

We’re so excited to announce that we have added custom photo apps to our wedding packages!
When a bride and groom book our studio, not only can they receive beautiful hand-made albums, and a set of preview prints, they can also view and share a selection of photos on their mobile devices.

For more information, please contact our studio.

Get Juiced!

IsabelLawrence-12 copy
I was standing in line at my favorite local juice bar, ready to hand over $7 for a glass of my favorite brew, when it hit me…Why on Earth am I spending this kind of cash for juice!! It was then and there that I decided to make my own at home.

I got the following two recipes from, Super Fresh Juices & Smoothies. I love this book because not only are the juices delicious, but the author gives in-depth information on super-nutrients like chia seeds, and chlorella powder. I know these powders and supplements are good for me, but until now, I wasn’t sure what they did or how much to take. This lovely book breaks it all down in a clear, concise way.

IsabelLawrence-19 copy
This first juice I made is called, “Minty Fresh”. This is great after a workout. It’s a bit on the sweet side, which I’m a sucker for, but the carrots balance it out and provide all that healthy goodness that not only nourish our eyes but help ward off cardio vascular disease.

Here’s what you need:
6 carrots
4 ripe pears
2 large handfuls of black seedless grapes
1 teaspoon of chopped mint
2 teaspoon of chia seeds
Juice of 1 small lemon
Here’s what you do:
Run the carrots, pears and grapes through your juicer
Stir in lemon juice
Sprinkle Chia seeds on top

IsabelLawrence-26 copy
This lovely concoction is called, “Super Detox”. It has a bright clean flavor that I think you’ll love.

Here’s what you need:
2 ripe pears
1 celery stick
2 large handfuls of curly kale
1/2 large cucumber
1-2 teaspoons of chlorella powder
juice of 1 small lemon
Here’s what you do:
Run the pears, celery, kale and cucumber through your juicer
Stir in the lemon juice and chlorella powder

I hope you enjoy these. If you have any favorite juice recipes, don’t be shy about sharing!

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