The things I have to put up with…

Larry brought home these lovely carnations the other day and I thought I would do a quick little still life of them on our patio but as is usually the case, things are about to take a turn…

Even though Tupelo was napping inside the house, the sound of my activities have roused him into action.

After a quick little shoo-ing, I’m back in business.

“Let me get this straight – you move furniture around, lay down this blanket, won’t pay attention to me and expect me to not crash this party? Really??”

Not to be deterred, I change my point of focus and zoom in for a close-up. Pay no attention to that orangey shaped blob in the lower left corner!

Yes, he is capable of dozing off while sitting – just like my Dad.

This is typically when the shoot gets completely derailed and I start focusing on his cute body parts. I’ve got a lot of these in the archives.

All right, enough of this nonsense, let’s try another set-up.

Darn it! Foiled again.

ullapulla said…

My friend once commented that how come I have all these pictures of my cat because she looks the same all the time – but again, why not! Hello to Tupelo <3

February 25, 2012
Isabel said…

Exactly ullapulla! Why wouldn’t we photograph our little cuties? Especially when they’re just begging for it. 🙂

February 25, 2012

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