Santa Monica Pier’s interesting history


Did you know the Santa Monica pier, was built in 1909 to dispose of sewage? Or that it housed a jail for a short time? There are a ton of fascinating facts about this Southern California landmark on the Santa Monica Pier website. I just spent a good chunk of time reading all about it and I think you’ll find it really interesting too. Who would have ever guessed the comic strip and cartoon hero, Popeye was based on one of the colorful characters that frequented the pier in its early days?

Kathy said…

I grew up in SM but didn’t know any of that history, thanks for sharing. It’s fun to feel nostalgic every once in awhile.

April 3, 2013
isabel said…

I know what you mean about the pier’s history. I’ve either been on it or driven by it hundreds of times and had no idea it had a such a fascinating history.

April 3, 2013

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