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The Costin Family

I recently attended a lecture about photographers working in war torn parts of the world. Their images and stories were so compelling and touching – most of the audience members cried throughout the presentation. I left there feeling dazed and a little dejected. What business did I have calling myself a photographer? These guys are risking life and limb to change the world and affecting global politics with a single image. The most harrowing thing I’ve had to endure is getting caught in the middle of a particularly lively Hora.

I was in this funk until I saw these images. Now, I would never presume to be in the same category as someone like James Nachtwey but what I did realize is that in a very small way, I am affecting lives. These children are at such a lovely ephemeral stage. Inevitably these rounded cheeks will smooth out and the adorably crooked smiles will be straightened. At some point a little boy ceases being comfortable with throwing his arms around his father’s neck or giggling with his little sister, but right now these are perfectly normal activities and I’m so glad I was there to preserve it all. Thank you Costin Family for reminding me that the little moments can add up to a lifetime of worthwhile work.

Caitlin and Andrew on The Bride’s Cafe, Part 2

Welcome back to the second course of Caitlin and Andrew’s wedding feast. Pull up a chair and prepare to tuck into lots of delicious visual morsels. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Caitlin and Andrew infused their special day with lots of unique and personal touches. For instance, the wedding program was unlike any I have ever seen. Instead of the usual who’s who peppered with inspirational quotes, these featured mad libs and crossword puzzles with of course, clues pertaining to the newlyweds. I loved the little yellow pencils attached to the sides of the programs too. So clever!

One of my favorite moments took place during the ceremony. The bride and groom watered a potted citrus tree which they plan on donating to Habitat for Humanity. All new marriages should begin with such a thoughtful gracious act.

As you can see from the photos, the tablescapes were really fun and lovely. The solid dark tables were offset perfectly by those whimsical lace runners and the assorted antique vases were beyond adorable. This was our first time working with Seed Floral and we could not have been more impressed.

Now, let’s talk about that dessert bar! It was so elegant and cute at the same time. Vanilla Bakeshop’s display was a huge hit with the guests and the photographers too (and by that I mean for photo purposes not eating purposes, honest).

Speaking of food, the all vegetarian meal was prepared by Foodink. Each dish that was brought out of the kitchen looked like a miniature work of art.

While on the subject of art, I have to mention the guest book. Caitlin and Andrew’s friends and family had a blast with this. First they had their photos taken in a photo booth while donning various hats and props, then they created personalized pages for the guest book with an assortment of decorative papers, and markers – making for a really special wedding day memento.

Caitlin and Andrew, your fun generous nature was evident at every turn. Thank you for including us in your beautiful wedding.

If you would like to see more photos, head over to The Bride’s Cafe and if you are looking for a great wedding coordinator, look no further than Pink by Echo.

Caitlin and Andrew on The Bride’s Cafe, Part 1

Some weddings are so delicious, they have to be savored slowly. Caitlin and Andrew’s lovely wedding was a veritable smorgasbord of visual treats! Janie at The Bride’s Cafe thinks so too and like us, is featuring this gorgeous event in two parts.

Caitlin and Andrew’s big day was truly picture perfect. Greystone Manor is such a magnificent place to photograph. We never run out of new niches to explore there.

The team at Pink by Echo did such a wonderful job with co-ordination and Seed Floral’s arrangements were beyond adorable.

Check back here tomorrow for more eye candy. See how Caitlin and Andrew infused their wedding with lots of personal touches and kept their guests amused and entertained all night long. Also, there is a really charming back story on Caitlin’s antique head piece. Grab a cup of something steamy and head over to The Bride’s Cafe for the details!

A little something for Mom

I just had to share this lovely mother’s bouquet with you. It’s so elegant and whimsical. I especially love the brooch! A single beautiful bloom for a very special lady. How perfect!

It’s Friday…

Get dolled up and do something fabulous!

Being a daughter…

“You never will finish being a daughter…You will be one when you’re ninety and so will I.”
~Gail Godwin

Just breathe…

So much emotion wells up in a bride right before she walks down the aisle. Brides who until this moment were the epitome of cool and calm can suddenly crack a little. I always feel a bit like a photo interloper at this point but such real, honest feelings are too beautiful not to photograph.

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