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Those first few steps…

Those first few steps take you towards the rest of your life. As you’re walking down that aisle try to take in every detail, every sound and scent. It will be one of the sweetest moments of your life.

Lincoln’s 1st Birthday

It’s been such fun getting to know Lincoln this past year. We’ve been photographing him since he was really tiny and over the months we’ve captured a lot of changes. When we first met, he was a sleepy baby snuggled up in his stroller. He couldn’t do much other than sit there and look adorable. In subsequent photo sessions we’ve seen him crawl like an army man, let out the occasional pterodactyl screech, sprout some really sharp teeth and run across a room faster than a wobbly legged little guy should be able to.

Lincoln got to celebrate his first birthday twice – once with his family and then again for our cameras.

We started off our session with a little rough housing on his mom and dad’s bed, then he read from his favorite book, Old Hat New Hat. After that, he got to dive into a special birthday cake made just for him by his mother, who incidentally could have a career as a cake decorator if she wanted to!

The day ended with some family tub time. All in all, a perfect day.

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