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The Bruno Family at Griffith Observatory

Lincoln is a very good-natured little boy. He sits quietly while his mother strips him down on a park bench, he thinks nothing of having not only one but two cameras hovering inches from his face. Even when he is dying to go to sleep, he finds his light and poses like a little rock star.

We have never heard him cry or fuss. He may drool a little but hey, teething will do that to you. Getting him to smile is the easiest thing in the world. All we have to do is put mom and dad in his line of sight. Come to think of it, that’s a sure fire way to get mom and dad to smile too.

This is our second photo session with the Bruno family and Larry and I are so looking forward to documenting all of Lincoln’s milestone events, like his first tooth, first steps and birthday.

As members of our Photo Family Club the Brunos receive an increasing discount for each session they book over a two-year period, earning a completely free shoot after ten sessions. This incentive ensures that they will carve out some time every few months to chronicle the changes in their baby boy. Also, even though the baby is certainly the star of the show, one of the things we like best about these shoots is not just photographing the child but also documenting mom and dad’s changing relationship with their baby in both stills and video (mom and dad get to be in some photos as well, rather than stuck behind the camera). Plus, it makes for a fun, memorable family outing. Please contact the studio if you would like to become part of our Photo Family Club.

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