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Make it personal

You’re gathering all of your friends and family and putting on what may be one of the biggest productions of your life. Why not make it personal and fun?

A whimsical sense of humor and love of travel are a huge part of what this couple is about. The color red (one of my favorites by the way) popped up everywhere from giant balloons to adorable “cootie catchers” containing questions like: Who said ‘I love you’ first and where did the first date take place?

No traditional guest book made an appearance here, instead guests were asked to write their well wishes on travel stickers which were then adhered to a vintage suitcase. Nearby, a map marked all of the destinations the happy couple had traveled to with tiny red hearts.

Little touches like these not only speak volumes about who you are as a couple but they make your guests really feel like they are active participants in your special day. So don’t be afraid to stray from tradition and have some fun. Most of all, make it personal!

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