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All in a day’s work…

Larry and I did a really fun shoot recently. Our clients, Daisy and Matt had their hearts set on having horses for part of their anniversary photo session. We thought it would be a good idea for one of us to be on horseback too so that not all of our shots would be from ground level, looking up. Since Larry is allergic to horses, the task of riding while shooting fell to me.

 Let me just preface this by saying that I have basically zero riding experience. When I first mounted my horse, Rosie, I thought, “Oh no, there is no way I’m going to be able to hold on for dear life and snap even one photo”. Even though she wasn’t particularly big (by equine standards) or rambunctious (she was in fact, extremely gentle) For the first 5 minutes or so, it felt like I was 20 feet in the air on the back of a bucking bronco.

 Luckily by the time we rode to the beach, I had found my balance and learned to go with Rosie’s groove. The fact that our guide, Paco had us on a close tether, also boosted my confidence tremendously. When it came time to shoot, I quickly put aside my jitters and got to work. You can see from the photo that Rosie was much more interested in nuzzling Paco’s horse than with doing me any harm.

 As it turns out our plan worked great. Larry got some killer shots from below (doesn’t he look adorable in Matt’s riding helmet?) and I’m happy to say I was able to hold my own and deliver some nice shots too.

We’ll be posting the fruits of our labor here tomorrow so please come back and take a look.

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