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Emily & Nate’s engagement session, Venice Canals















Emily and Nate’s engagement session was especially fun for us to photograph. We had the three key ingredients that make a successful shoot. They are: a great location (check!) pretty light (check!) and a fun, adorable couple (check and check!!)

We were originally going to do the shoot in another location but at the last minute decided to explore the Venice Canals. I had been hearing a lot about the Canals recently and could not believe that in all my years of living in Los Angeles, I had never visited them before. Wow! What a beautiful place. I called Emily right away to see if they would mind changing our location. She and Nate instantly agreed and said that they would be on the way after a quick caffeine dose. As soon as we all met at a corner just off of Washington Boulevard I knew it was going to be a fun shoot. Emily hired us sight unseen over the telephone so I was expecting there to be some initial moments of shyness. Instead, they instantly treated Larry and me as warmly as if we were old, fast friends.

The icing on this very sweet cake was the playful, fun way Emily and Nate related to each other. Photographing them was so easy! All we had to do was ask them to stand where the light was nice and they would take it from there.

Emily and Nate, I hope you had as much fun during this sitting as we did.

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